Manga-tize Your Library: Resource Guide for Librarians

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About Me

Marissa Lieberman is a children’s librarian at an urban library in New Jersey. She received her Masters in Library Science in 2011 from Queen College, NY. She worked at multiple libraries in the Nassau County, New York, library system before relocating to New Jersey.  An anime fangirl of fifteen years, Marissa is grateful to be able to share this passion with library patrons by running the tween anime club and planning Tosho-con. She reviews books for School Library Journal, Voices of Youth Advocates, and No Flying, No Tights ( She is a contributor for Cosplay, Comics and Geek Culture in Libraries (, and has presented at New York Comic Con and professional development programs.

Tosho-con is a full day anime and comic convention. It was originally held at one of her previous libraries on Long Island and was the first library anime convention in Nassau County, running strong from 2010-2012. Tosho-con is now held at her library in New Jersey. #ToshoconEOPL

Disclaimer: All ideas and opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect my past or current employer.